OSMC build a school in Africa with oldskool

Nebula 2 @OSMC build a school in Africa with oldskool party 12/12/15 Warrington

On Saturday 12th December the oldskool members club facebook group are hosting a one off event at the mix bar Warrington, the night is in aid of raising funds for the memusi foundation www.memusifoundation.org.uk

The charity builds schools for children in Africa who otherwise wouldn’t have an education, we would be delighted if you could attend and make this a night to remember. Headlining on the night will be the one and only DJ Slipmatt along with Nebula II, Jon the Dentist, Steve Proctor, DJ Woody, Leeds gallery legend Russ Richardson and OSMC regulars Flight, Reckless, Promo, DJ Robb E and MC CYANIDE (drome) hosting the night.

BIG respects to Jamie Allen for the effort and foresight. BIG UP!!

See the full event details here

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