Back2You Inception Volume 1

Inception Volume 1

Inception Volume 1, a collection of experimental beats and breaks from Back2You.

The first installment sees London based Trimer deliver a monster Drum & Bass track called Extraordinary. Big on beat & big in sound this is. Serbian based Drum Forec1 offering is a warm jungle based track with elements of the Dub and Ska trumpet sounds of the Caribbean. Back2You new signings Revolver and Leona deep remix take this track and flip it upside down.

Alongside these tracks see Joe Nebula & Rachel Wallace bring a lighter vibe to the party. Life After Life originally out a few years back is a broken beat moving string based track. The track gets a remix from someone you will be hearing much more about in the future. Planet Boelex of Finland. Just wow on this remix, just wow.




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