Physmatics Present TH1RT33N

Joe Nebula Back2You Remix for Physmatics

TH1RT33N begins Physmatics first instalment of a continuing saga revisiting some of the label’s finest releases, polishing them off with a well deserved remix treatment. Shookz tackles the Epic ‘Pythagoras Theorum’, Silent Code do battle with ‘Time Travel, Joe Nebula takes on ‘Promises’, whilst AnnGree mashes up ‘State of Fear’. All perfectly executed in superb Ultimate Fighting style…
Please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

All the remixes from Shookz, Silent Code, AnnGree & Joe Nebula 


One thought on “Joe Nebula Back2You Remix for Physmatics”

  1. maybe – it’s like this: 如果女性獨立一點 大概不會太”甘心”受別人擺佈 V is pretty ipenndedent, financially especially, but still…I kind of agree with “incomplete” was saying… if V rejects, J wins on sympathy, if V accepts, J wins a landslide — maybe it should be taken as Taiwan/Mainland situation, “keep it as the way is now” 🙂

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