Just Jone, Nebula2, Taylor, Dj Charge

Nebula2 on

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to play on

The show lasted 4 hours and featured DJ Charge, Just Jones myself (Nebula2) and Tayol. The show was a mix of Drum & Bass and Old Skool. The Cyndicut team also donated a some money towards the project which is being sent out this weekend and will provide the plaster for the walls and also the labour costs. We still have lots to do but this is a massive help and step in the right direction.

The first music release helping towards the project is also out this week from Joe Nebula. You can listen and buy here

I would like to give a massive shout to the Cyndicut team for their help and support.

The show you can listen or download here

A Go Fund Me page has also been set up if you would like to donate?

Go Fund me. Education for all

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