Nebula2 Tenerife

Had the pleaseure of jetting out to Tenerife to play an Old Skool set last week. A great time was had. Played a selection from 90-92. Sad thing was the set up was poor. No sound man!! and deck feedback. The feedback would have been good as a sample for DNB.

Spent the next day with a great guy DJ Jonay who is a self confessed vinyl junkie and I really believe him as he has been over here on many trips to buy collections from some BIG names in the Jungle/DNB scene. He took me to see JMagik which was cool. Bridge from Breaking Science also came over. Went for food which was YUM and spotted Billy from Eastenders over the road. Gave a shout and he waved back. Best bit of the day.

As you can see also. I didn’t just go to DJ. The food over there sea food is fresh as you can get.

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