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What a great day out #RavinAtTheRaces. RetroTrax third instalment did not disappoint at all. Sun was shining, people smiling and music was already going off at 2pm.

We arrived and saw one of my #OldSkool fav mc’s Major Ranks who may as well have been the promoter as his welcome was great. He introduced us to the legend that as is Steve Proctor and what a nice guy. Had a great chat about the falling in and out of music over the years. Which we both agreed we lost the battle to stay away.

The set was amazing. When we arrived the room was dead and I mean dead. Only two people in there at that point. By the end the room was rammed and bouncing ready to hear Racheal Wallace’s live PA. I did say to Rachel the room would be full by her slot. To which I then thought dam put my foot right in it there. But was lucky enough to say “Told you so” lol

Ian the main promoter has put together a great brand in RetoTrax one that has all the elements we all loved back in the day. The events security was on point, extremely friendly and helpful. No bad vibes in the place at all. One of those events was is you dropped something someone would pick it up and return it. Only the #OldSkool

See some videos and pictures below and please Ian we need more ……….


Last track from Nebula 2

Last track from Joe Nebula2 Retro-Trax 100% Oldskool Festival

Posted by Vinyl Vera on Tuesday, 9 June 2015


#RavinAtTheRacesl #RetroTrax2015 Retro-Trax 100% Oldskool FestivalBit daft sometimes me.

Posted by Nebula2 on Sunday, 7 June 2015

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